Angels of New York Book

Calling All Angel Lovers and Spiritual Seekers Everywhere.

We race about the city, preoccupied anxious and hurried.
We wonder when we can find the time to relax.
“Angels of New York” reveals the Peace and beauty and joy all around you
– that you are not seeing. “Angels of New York” opens your eyes to the
beauty and peace without and within. Gazing upon the angels for 5 minutes
can shift your whole energy, wellbeing, and outlook on life. This book can be
enjoyed for its sheer beauty, or it can be used as a portal to a calmer, more
present life.

Art historians – see unknown works in their original settings and discover the
artists’ often heart-breaking struggles to achieve their art/ vision.

Lovers – Take a tour of New York you will never forget. Choose an angel to
watch over you. Ask for a special (visit? blessing? encounter?)

Angel parties – gather your friends for cafe hopping and angel sitings. See
who among you gets a message from an angel.

Art lovers – Feast upon some of the most gorgeous art the city has to offer.
Tourists – Take the hidden path and see New York as you’ve never seen it

Meditators – take your meditation to a new level. Choose your angel, and
wait in enchanted silence for them to answer you.

With Museum-quality printing and world-class photography,
“Angels of New York” Is a legacy heirloom that will be handed down for

See the city as you’ve never see it before.
Allow the angels to transport you out of the mad rush of daily life.
Take an unforgettable walking tour of a new and magical New York

A Perfect gift
for angel lovers, artists, art lovers, architecture buffs, and meditators. Tourists
will go on a journey they will never forget.

An all-occasion gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and


the sublime beauty of the Angels of New York with the exquisite images and writings of acclaimed photographer and author, Sylvia Moss.

” ‘Angels of New York’ is an exquisite book, created and photographed by my friend, Sylvia Moss. Her book truly invokes the presence of the Angels.”

—Elizabeth Mailer, writer

” ‘Angels of New York’ is a magical array of artful imagery to in-lighten the soul!”

—Deborah Pietsch
TV Host and Producer

” ‘Angels of New York’ is a legacy that many generations will enjoy. It is a classic masterpiece and is museum material.”

—Jay Emmanuel Morales. A.K.,V.M.
Power of Harmony Organization

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